tips for taking the work out of tile flooring
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tips for taking the work out of tile flooring

Tile flooring is a great long-term option for your home. It is one of the most durable materials that you can choose. Unfortunately, the grout can make tile floors a little more work than they need to be. Having worked for a company that cleans and waxes tile flooring, I have learned a lot about taking care of tile flooring and grout to protect it from needing replaced prematurely. On my site you will learn about different grout options, as well as tips for keeping the grout from becoming discolored and stained. Hopefully, it will help you take the work out of owning a tile floor in your home.

tips for taking the work out of tile flooring

Are You Renovating An Older Home?

Carter Morgan

Did you inherit your parent's older home recently? Or, maybe you were house hunting and you fell in love with an older home. Either way, if you love the essential floor plan of the home you might have decided that it was worth moving into, even though it needed renovations. From arranging for hardwood flooring services to giving the walls a new look, here are some ideas that might help.

Hardwood Flooring Services - If part of the appeal of the older home you have moved into is the fact that it has hardwood floors, they still might need attention. There's just something gorgeous about rich wood under your feet, isn't there? If the hardwood floors have just a few scratches in them, you will probably be able to do the job of renovating them yourself. However, if they are in pretty bad shape, consider arranging for professionals to renovate the floors for you.

Professionals will have the training and the experience to do a thorough job on the renovation of your hardwood floors. They'll also have the right equipment for the job. For example, if the floors need to be sanded completely, the hardwood flooring service workers will have both large equipment for the overall floors, and they'll have hand tools to get into the corners. It might be that even the floor boards need attention. The workers will either repair them or replace them, too.

Consider if you want the same color of stain on the hardwood floors. For example, if the wood is a very light color and you want more of a mahogany look to them, that can happen. You might even want a bit of a contemporary look by selecting light or dark gray for the color of the wood. The hardwood flooring service will have plenty of samples to make your job of choosing the color an easier one.

The Walls - Think of whether or not you want to keep the same look on the walls that already exists. For example, if the walls are painted, you might just want to add a new coat of paint, maybe even changing the color of the paint. For something more modern, consider adding a second color, with molding to separate the paint colors you have selected.

Maybe some of the walls, say the bedroom walls, are wall papered. Do you want to keep the wall paper, maybe even keeping an old-fashioned look to the room? If so, look at wall paper samples that have a similar design as the one that is already on the walls. If you want something more contemporary, of course that can happen, too.

Contact a company, like 1-2-3  Floor!, for more ideas and inspiration.